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Welcome to the website of FRISBY WHIPPETS. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, my whippets have the pleasure of running all year round in a very hot environment. I strive to produce the best temperaments, movement, soundness, pedigree, and the best house raised dogs I can. As well as wanting the most perfect show - dog, I also want the best house dog who sleeps in bed, lounges on the couch, and have everyone get along together. All dogs here are home raised - without kennel runs, and all dogs have room to run at their own leisure. I have a full time sitter, so even while I'm not home, the dogs can continue their free routine. O.K., they are very spoiled, but that's what a whippet is for.

I have enjoyed many great friendships from all my puppy owners,as well as from other breeders, and exhibitors, and enjoy all my travels and experiences from dog shows.

I hope you enjoy my website - going back to some very great old dogs, and my recent hopefuls. Check out my beloved new boy Nigel. HE ROCKS!!!

Special thanks to my web designer, Tabitha Knowlton, for the last year of a lot of work. Digging through the archives has been such an emotional endevour.

Thank you for looking -- enjoy.
Tamara and the FRISBY WHIPPETS.



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